Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Toowoomba

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

If you found this website using Google and searched for something like SEO Toowoomba or something similar, you witnessed the benefits of search engine optimisation. Google wants to present users with the most relevant, high quality content to answer the query they have entered. Unless you have a very specific and unique niche, getting your website to rank in Google search is going to require work.

Benefits of SEO

There are numerous benefits for having an SEO strategy, but the main benefits are increased exposure, new customers, increased revenue. Marketing strategies like Google Adwords works on a cost per click basis, meaning you get charged for the amount of clicks you get on a link. Search engine optimisation does not work this way. You can have as many clicks to your website as you can handle and it won't cost you any extra.

SEO Consultation

If you're a business in Toowoomba, you are eligable for a free face to face consultation. During this consultation, we establish how your business works, who your customer segment is and how we can help you get the most out of an SEO campaign. We review your website to identify potential errors and set key performance indicators for the campaign.

SEO Research & Strategy

Establishing an SEO strategy requires research, research into your competition, the keywords your customers will use to search for your website, as well as the best way to start gaining momentum. The techniques for ranking your website will differ depending on whether you are looking to appear in local or national search results for your specific keyword.

On-Page SEO

As part of the initial consultation, we will have audited your website. In this phase, we take action on that audit and resolve the issues that you have on your website. If you have a current website developer, we prefer to work with them during this phase. However, if you do not currently have a website developer, we request access to your backend and start fixing the errors.

Off-Page SEO

Once the website errors have been resolved, we move on to Off-Page SEO. This involves creating links back to your website, otherwise known as backlinks. We review your social media business pages and offer suggestions on improvements that can be made. We also offer suggestions and advice for improving brand awareness and increase your marketing effectiveness.

Reporting The Results

Good communication and transparency are fundamental in building a strong relationship. We are dedicated to establishing strong business relationships with our clients and so reporting the results is our way of doing this. You will receive a weekly SEO report that demonstrates how your website is performing in Google search. We also send you a link to a Google Spreadsheet, which has all of the links we create on a daily basis, viewable at any time of the day. Your success is important to us.

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